Our Services


We believe that strong financial management is a tool that can give small organizations the confidence and focus of big ones. 

Charter Impact services equip school administrators, board members and site-level staff with the tools necessary to make the best business decisions possible for their organizations.

We address changing financial conditions, requirements and regulations in advance, discuss them with our clients as they happen, and report them in real-time, not a month or two after the fact.


Business Management Services

Charter Impact provides all the services you would expect from an in-house finance and accounting department. Our #1 priority is to provide timely, accurate financial information with personalized, responsive customer service at an affordable cost. Our team is well-versed and experienced with the needs of charter schools, CMOs and complex organizational structures and we offer customized solutions accordingly.



— Implementation, Training and Development

— Budgeting and Forecasting

— Bank Reconciliation and GL Maintenance

— Cash Management

— Monthly Financial Reporting

— Accounts Receivable/Payable Processing

— Compliance and Grant Reporting

— Audit Preparation and Management


Student Data Support

With the introduction of the Local Control Funding Formula, student data reporting has taken an increasingly significant role in determining school funding. Charter Impact has senior-level experts on staff who can help you select and design a data system that works best for your organization and ensures maximum school funding, and we support you when questions arise.



— Attendance Reporting

— CALPADS Reporting

— SIS Support



Payroll Processing & Retirement Reporting

Payroll is one of the most sensitive and critical areas of an organization’s business office. Our payroll team is well versed in the specifics of charter school payroll issues and has the depth of experience to handle any and all processing nuances that inevitably arise.



— Payroll Processing

— Tax Filing & Payment

— Retirement Reporting


Start-Up, Growth & Facilities Consulting

We provide a variety of services tailored to charter schools at various stages of development. We develop budgets and all finance-related elements for both new charter petitions and those up for renewal. We offer support and direction in managing the strategic growth and replication of existing schools, and we bolster established schools in their navigation and execution of facility financing.



— Charter Petition Budget Development

— Charter Renewal Support

— Board Development & Training

— Growth and Replication Support

— Strategic Planning

— Facility Financing Management